stones in a glasshouse

›stones in a glass house‹ group show as part of the Foto Wien 2022.
Class for Photography / Fine Arts (Gabriele Rothemann) at the University for applied arts, Vienna. The show is on until 27 of march, Schellinggasse 13, 1010 Vienna.

sweat and body heat on baryta paper, digital scan, pigment prints, 40×55,5 cm each
screenprint on parchment, 20,5×14,5 cm
exhibition view


presentation of the results from the course ›performance and space‹ from Peter Kozek & Barbis Ruder in the Postsparkasse, Vienna

17th of december 2021

durational performance with Therese Leick

‚precious‘ – hidden performance in safe, live projection in hallway


exhibition with Boglárka Balassa
in Karlsruhe 03.-11.09.21