1991 born in Southern Germany 

2012 autodidactic studies of analogue photography during a 
one-year residence in France

2013-2018 studies in Art and French in Gießen, Germany

2014-2018 supervision and support of the laboratory for analogue 
black&white photography at the art institute in Gießen

several workshops and tutorings for analogue photography

since 2018 independent art classes in different institutions 

exhibitions (selection):

2019: "still not gone", trafo.e.V., Gießen (solo show)
2018: "Was macht die Kunst", Kultur im Zentrum, Gießen (group show)
2018: Galerie art supplement, Göttingen (group show)
2017: "ohne Titel", Fröhliche Gesellschaft, Gießen (group show)
2017:  "transitions" (solo show), Fröhliche Gesellschaft, Gießen
2017: "frei|land|haltung - notions of home" sehen|denken, Gießen
2015: "Sammeln", neun10Räume, (group show directed by Ingke Günther and Jörg Wagner)
2014: "Stadtbotanik"  "Galerie 23" in Gießen, (group show)
2012: "4art", Galerie Katapult, Basel, Schweiz (group show) 

2015 scholarship Sommerakademie Homburg / Main

2015-2019 studio scholarship, "Atelierstipendium Alte UB" Gießen

2016/2017 scholarship "Deutschlandstipendium"​

2019 Katalogstipendium Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst