exhibitions (selection):

2020: ›interim‹, catalogue release (upcoming)

2019: ›still not gone‹, trafo.e.V., Gießen (solo show)

2018: ›come and sit with me a little while II‹, Pohlheim (group show)

2018: Was macht die Kunst‹ Kultur im Zentrum, Gießen (group show)

2018: Galerie art supplement, Göttingen (group show)

2017:  ›ohne Titel‹, Fröhliche Gesellschaft, Gießen

2017:  ›transitions‹ , Fröhliche Gesellschaft, Gießen (solo show)

2017: ›frei|land|haltung – notions of home‹, institute for philosophy, Gießen

2015: ›Sammeln‹, neun10Räume, (group show directed by Ingke Günther and Jörg Wagner)

2014: ›Stadtbotanik‹  „Galerie 23“ in Gießen, (group show)

2012: ›4art‹, Galerie Katapult, Basel, Schweiz (group show)


2015 scholarship ›Sommerakademie Homburg / Main

2015-2019 studio scholarship, ›Atelierstipendium Alte UB‹ Gießen

2016/2017 scholarship ›Deutschlandstipendium‹​

2019 project grant, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst

2020 Young Artist Space, Kunst/Mitte Magdeburg

2020 residency Travneve / Kiew, Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern

publications (selection):

2020 ›tender indifference‹ | photobook

2020 ›interim‹ | artist monograph

2019 ›still not gone‹ | exhibition catalogue

2018 ›obchód‹ | photobook

2018 ›variations on a theme‹ | photobook

2017 ›index‹ | photobook

2017 ›evidence‹ | photobook

2017 ›transitions‹ | artist monograph

2017 ›blackbox‹ | exhibition publication (contribution)

2016 ›notions of home‹ | exhibition publication (contribution)

2016 ›entwohnt‹ | photobook

2016 ›Was macht die Kunst‹ | exhibition publication (contribution)

2015 ›insomnia‹ | photobook

2015 ›einzimmerwohnung‹ | artist-book


born in Southern Germany

2012 autodidactic studies of analogue photography during a one-year residence in France

2013-2018 studies in Art and French

2014-2018 supervision of the laboratory for analogue black&white photography at the art institute in Gießen, direction of workshops and tutorings for analogue photography

since 2018 independent art classes in different institutions

since 2020 teaching position in cameraless photography at the Institute for Art Education, Justus-Liebig-University Gießen