born 1991 in Germany

working between image-generating, searching and performative processes, which are largely based on the use of defective material from the field of analog photography

often created in an unstable medium, my works are visualisations of ephemeral processes.
instead of fixing illusionary snapshots of reality, I seek for images and artistic expression that deal with materiality, relation and time. I am interested in ambiguity, autonomous reactions and nonbinary dynamics that reflect the volatile and inconsistent nature of our time.

exhibitions (selection):

2024 ›I’ll keep it if you don’t‹, Vienna (duo show, upcoming)

2023 ›platypus‹, Vienna (group show, upcoming)

2023 ›ok transit‹, Vienna (group show, upcoming)

2023 ›kopfverlängerung‹, Vienna (group show)

2023 ›tbh‹, Vienna, art project in public space

2023 ›delicate entities‹, Karlsruhe (group show)

2022 ›wherever‹, Off Bratislava (group show)

2022 ›dealing with uncertainty‹, Einbeck/Germany (solo show)

2022 ›zustandsgesteuert‹, Vienna (group show)

2022 ›stones in a glass house‹, Foto Wien, Vienna (group show)

2022 ›focus europa II‹ Schafhof Künstlerhaus, Munich (group show)

2021 ›diffuse zustände‹, BBK Kunstverein Karlsruhe

2021 ›reset‹ online group show

2020 ›the artist is absent‹ – exhibition of the residence program Travneve, Kyiv/Munich

2020 ›Kunst|Mitte‹, Magdeburg

2019: ›still not gone‹, trafo.e.V., Gießen (solo show)

2018: Galerie art supplement, Göttingen (group show)

2017:  ›transitions‹ , Fröhliche Gesellschaft, Gießen (solo show)


2022 artist in residence at art space Bears in the park, Vienna

2020 residency Travneve / Kyiv, Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern

2020 Young Artist Space, Kunst/Mitte Magdeburg

2019 project grant, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst

2016/2017 scholarship ›Deutschlandstipendium‹​

2015-2019 studio scholarship, ›Atelierstipendium Alte UB‹ Gießen

publications (selection):

2020 ›tender indifference‹ | photobook

2020 ›interim‹ | artist monograph

2019 ›still not gone‹ | exhibition catalogue

2018 ›obchód‹ | photobook

2018 ›variations on a theme‹ | photobook

2017 ›index‹ | photobook

2017 ›evidence‹ | photobook

2017 ›transitions‹ | artist monograph

2017 ›blackbox‹ | exhibition publication (contribution)