the process of photographic transformation – visualizing time

In these cameraless analogue works, the images are created through physical and chemical manipulation of  photographic material. The pictures are not simple manipulations of photo-prints, but individual, experimental creations. Depending on the way of manipulating the photo-emulsion, a various scale of different esthetics can be obtained: ranging from graphic, abstract compositions to naturalistic landscapes and representational or figurative motifs. Blank photographic paper is therefore conceived as a support for the ongoing photochemical reactions that are directed in an artistic, painterly way.




The ongoing transformation of the works results in hybrid forms that range between photographic and painterly, lasting and transient, subjective and objective visual concepts. Thus, the works can be seen as visualisations of  pictorial and temporal transitions that question traditional categories and show the conceptual, artistic possibilities of transitory stages.

transition crepuscule

20x30 pixel