20×30 pixel
600 fading 7x7cm squares of partially
developed/fixed photographic b&w paper, light, (exhibition view)

The work is created from an analogue photograph which was developed, then scanned, finally the digital resolution set to 30×20 pixels. this pixilated picture was transposed into a greyscale grid by defining individually the brightness/darkness of each pixel. based on this matrix, the picture was later rebuilt by assembling more or less developed photo-paper-squares, according to the respective value on the greyscale matrix.

In the transition between digital and analogue pictorial systems, the actual image gets extremely simplified. The original motif vanishes in unstable, nearly painterly shades. Due to the effects of light and the exhibition conditions, there is an ongoing transformation of the non-fixed photo papers. Therefore, the picture is each time slightly different – similar to a highly compressed digital picture which looses information in each saving process.

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