ist jetzt später?

hand crafted photobook with fading images and self exposing pages. it features five light sensitive pages
and two fixed photographic works. edition of 3 available copies.

sometimes happy, sometimes not

Eyebrows are a crucial element of nonverbal communication, as they define someone’s facial expressions and permit us to read emotions from a greater distance. In public, people often tend to avoid expressing big emotional reactions or hide their true emotional state behind set phrases or superficialities.

In this work, collected eyebrow hairs are used as material for emotional communication in form of a text. The large format photograph of the actually placed hairs brings public attention to a subtle personal message amongst loud and colourful advertisements.

offset print on advertising column, Neustiftgasse, 1070 Vienna.

vienna, june 2023

delicate entities

group exhibition, Karlsruhe, 13.04.-14.05.2023

without you i might not notice, glass objects
for the time being, performance
fragments of invisibility, performance
elastic kind of relation, 16mm black and white film, projection
latent pictures


group exhibition in Bratislava

04-18th of november 2022

Námestie SNP 30, Bratislava


‚floorganism‘ is a group performance that took place on june 29, 2022 in Vienna. the audience was invited to a room where the performers interacted during 3 hours as a growing organism. completely blind and exclusively lying on the floor, just able to move horizontally, they were finding themselves and communicating only by subtle movements and sounds, feeded and guided by the dynamics and influences from the outside. performers: Aleksandar Gabrovski, Paula Kreuzer, Johnny Linder, Leon Locher, Sissi Petutschnig, Luisa Pisetta, Grayson Ruple.

you don’t feel it, do you?

shown in ›stones in a glass house‹ group show as part of the Foto Wien 2022.
Class for Photography / Fine Arts (Gabriele Rothemann) at the University for applied arts, Vienna.

sweat and body heat on baryta paper, digital scan, pigment prints, 40×55,5 cm each
screenprint on parchment, 20,5×14,5 cm
exhibition view